In order to decrease investment spending, the Fed could directly

1. Which of the following reflects the order of operations when the Fed buys bonds on the open market?

2 is D, a examine is an order to a financial company for money. 5 is C, pastime. 15 is A, an oligopoly. remark: An oligopoly is ruled by skill of few businesses and there is an barrier to get right of entry to into the corporate (e.g., greater opposition) simply by value and/or regulations. interior the previous days, i could truthfully spoke back 15 as being A. whether, as we communicate, in mild of opposition with remote places vehicle makers, C could be a greater suited answer even if Chrysler is in “inner maximum” possession. Please place the question interior the content cloth of what you have been examining (or ought to have been examining) at the instant. that’s the two A or C and that i’ve got a bent to A being the respond. sixteen is A, the low value fee. The substitute interior the low value fee can impact the “multiplier result” and the availability of money.

1) E
2) E
3) D

Answer Prime

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