In 1864 and 1865, radical republicans were most concerned with civil rights for freed slaves barring ex-confederates from political

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Sorry sir you did not give us the graph i typically but i’m very confused my conclusion is you’re missing valuable information in the question

The correct answer choice from the selection, to fill in the blank, on the question: In 1864 and 1865, Radical Republicans were most concerned with:, would be, A: Barring ex-Confederates from political office. Explanation: Radical Republicans were the most radical faction of the Republican Party who demanded that slavery be totally erradicated without compensation to slave owners, that civil rights be instituted for freed slaves and, above all, that no ex-Confederate be allowed easily to enter the political arena, or hold an office, especially in the Southern States. In order to accomplish all this, they pushed through the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment and several Acts that literally barred ex-Confederates from achieving political power. Abraham Lincoln, a moderate Republican, tried to bar, as President, a portion of the Radicals´ laws, but was assassinated in 1865. Radicals were then succcessfull in passing laws that diminished the possibility for ex-Confederates to vote and to ascend to official posts of power.

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