How to Choose the Right Makeup Artist Course for Your Career Goals?

If you want to be a sought-after makeup artist, being creative is not enough. You also need robust skills to back your ideas. Only when you execute your creative ideas through formally learned skills can you become a good makeup artist.

To do this, it is critical you work hard, but more importantly, choose the right makeup artist course. Getting this right is foundational for your success as a makeup artist. While there are several schools in India claiming the best makeup artistry courses, you must choose one only after reading the following checklist. 

1. Glance at the Curriculum

The intensity of the curriculum is indicative of how rigorous the course will be. This is important to sharpen your skills as a makeup artist. So, be sure to glean through the syllabus of any course you plan to enrol for. 

A comprehensive curriculum must include subjects like:   

  • Building makeup kits
  • Application of fashion, avant-garde and editorial makeup
  • Makeup sanitisation and hygiene 
  • Hair styling
  • Hair and character makeup
  • Portfolio building
  • Photography for a makeup artist
  • Budgeting and billing
  • Special effects makeup

Remember, by the end of your course, you must be prepared for the rigours of the fashion and makeup industry. This is only possible when you focus on what is taught.

2. Check the Instructors Expertise 

While it’s critical to know what is taught, it is equally important to figure out who is teaching the course. This is where the experience and expertise of the trainer or instructor come into question. Therefore, after studying the curriculum, glean through the makeup course’s instructor list. 

Seek answers to questions like:

  • How many years has the instructor spent in the industry?
  • What do the previous students say about their teaching style?

You can also Google the instructors to see their previous work and gauge their expertise in the field. 

3. Check the Certification offered

Sure, you don’t need a license to practice makeup, but you will be asked for certification or certifications to land a job. Even if a company asks for a practical test, they will still likely request you to submit your proof of study. 

This is where “any certification” won’t do. Ideally, you must apply to a renowned institute that offers certification, which works like a brand seal. This automatically scores you CV points which opens many doors within the industry. Therefore, check the certification offered by the school you wish to enrol in. 

4. Consider the Expense 

In a country as vast as India, you will come across makeup artist courses that range from Rs. 6000 to Rs 6 lakhs. While the former may seem tempting, underspending can lead to selecting a below-par course. 

So, do not make money a top factor while choosing the course. If paying a slightly higher price ensures you get the best instructors, comprehensive curriculum, robust tools and infrastructure, go for it. Keep in mind that the course and certification you choose will shape your entire career. 

In The End 

Looking for a makeup artist course that ticks all boxes? You’re in luck, as PearlXStudio has everything a makeup artist aspirant can hope for. For admission-related details and course information, visit our website right away.    

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