How do you say “Happy Retirement” in Spanish? Is it “Jubilación Feliz” or “Feliz Jubilación”? Gracias.

“Skater” need not respond.

It depends on the way you use it.
If all you want to say is “happy retirement”, it is “feliz jubilacion”. However, if you want to say it in a sentence … like “I hope you have a happy retirement”, you say “Espero que tengas una jubilacion feliz”.

Feliz Jubilación

Feliz Jubilación

Happy Retirement In Spanish

Feliz Jubilación.
That’s what I received in cards when retiring from a particular function in a company.

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Happy Retirement Sayings

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i would say feliz jubilacion or retiro because you say “feliz cumpleanos” for happy birthday not “cumpleanos feliz”

Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo

My mom is hispanic and I asked and she said it was “Feliz jubilación”


feliz retiro

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