To the best of my knowlege ferrets like cat food. I wouldn’t suggest rabbit food.

Nonononono! Ferrets are Carnivores- they have completely different needs that rabbits! Rabbit food can and will kill a ferret. If you’re out of ferret food, go get some or if there is none available at the moment, then go buy a HIGH QUALITY cat food. Not Meow Mix or anything like that. Cat food can only be temporary. If you need food, I suggest Evo Ferret. This is a great ferret food- reasonably priced, too. You can order this food at:
Stinkweasels has the cheapest prices on ferret food and they have only $5.99 shipping! (To the USA)

Ferrets are strict carnivores. They lack a body part, called a secum, which digests vegetable matter. Also, ferrets, like cats, are unable to produce Taurine naturally. Taurine is essential for healthy eyesight. Ferrets fed dog food, or other foods not suitable for them, will gain weight as they eat more than they should, desperately trying to fill the need their body has for the proper nutrients. I feed my ferrets a mixture of several high-quality cat/kitten/ferret foods. This not only ensures that they get the nutrients they need, but also that they do not become too attached to any one brand of food. I also sometimes feed my ferrets some meat – a bit of hot dog, bologna, chicken, etc. You might want to read the Ferret FAQ at Ferret Central:

NO! If they accidentally got into the rabbit food, don’t worry, just try to keep them out of it in the future, but if you’re asking about a ferret diet, then it’s a big NO ! If you must give prepared food, cat/kitten food is better.
Here’s a site that may help you learn more about ferrets as pets.

no!!!!!!!!!!! ferrets cannot digest all of the vegetable matter in the rabbit food! feeding a ferret rabbit food is a great way to get a huge vet bill ot give your ferret a slow painful death!

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Eat Rabbit Food

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a ferret eats meat.

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