Gosselins without Pity? Who wants to bomb this site with me?!?

I’ll start off by saying I watch the show every week and I love it, and I think both parents do an amazing job.

I have to say I agree with you 100% ! These people were struggling, tell these ‘jealous ones’ to go read their book! It shows how much God supported Kate and blessed her with 6 completely healthy and beautiful babies, when typically multiples in this case do not have all 6 survive, and now without any medical conditions! Seriously, the only thing wrong is that Aaden has glasses, but they look totally cute on him. Plus, lots of young kids have glasses, and it is completely normal!

I believe Kate is giving her children a normal life. Because a ‘not normal’ life would be not having enough money to pay for your 8 young children. 8 hungry mouths is not normal in our country… If these people took a walk in Kate’s shoes, I know they would do exactly the same!

AND the free trips thing… Yeah, who in the right mind would turn down a free vacation? I sure would not. “You just won a fully paid trip to New York!” “No, thats okay, I would really just rather stay home.”
Yeah right.

If these people have such a big problem with Jon and Kate, why don’t they just stop watching the show, and not spoil it for everyone else.

Have a wonderful day.
I will never stop watching the show.

P.S. , Jon and Kate are amazing parents! I love all of their kids.

i agree with everything your saying. there are some things on the show i disagree with. i really think mady needs more discipline. however, that’s my opinion, and i can only make my opinion from the show.

if my family was offered free trips just for being our family im sure we would take them. seriously, who wouldn’t? that’s dumb their being criticized.

the bottom line, is that everyone has their own way of parenting, and there really is not wrong or right b/c every child is different. the gosselings are doing whats right for their family, and ill tune in as long as their on!

I know, I went to thatg site and all I saw was a bunch of haters and jealous people. I love J&K+8!

I agree. I’m surprised they aren’t complaining about the Duggars or the other “Kids by the Dozen” series that TLC has. They are just hating because they are jealous. All they have to do is change the channel…

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