“Ghost Of a Rose ” Blackmores Night meaing?

ok, so im doing a project at school. but in case of others who do this as well, or are just curious. what do you think the meaning of the song ghost of a rose is?

the first section is saying that she fell in love with a guy and when she dies she doesnt want to be forgotten so she wants him to remember her by a white rose.
the second part is showing how he loves her because she is so care free and happy

all in all she wants to be remembered by her love, she wants to be remembered by a white rose. the rose is symbolic because its white (faire) and gentile.
which is a reason why they loved each other and why he loved her.

Ghost Of A Rose

a maiden is telling her true love that when he sees a white rose, he is to think of her, the rose represents her.

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