From Childhood to Adulthood: How Brillia Promotes Mental Health at Any Age

Both adults and children experience issues with their mental health, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and anxiety are some of the most common conditions. Because of the ingredients and side effects of prescription drugs, more individuals are searching for non prescription ADHD medication and anxiety meds. Fortunately, there is a homeopathic alternative, and it is Brillia. Available in non-prescription form, there are many benefits of trying it out for your or your child’s symptoms.

Non-Prescriptive and Natural

The reviews for Brillia describe how it often begins working within weeks, and that it is a game changer for those who want to avoid prescription drugs.


Homeopathic remedies only use ingredients that are found in nature, and the active ingredient is Lapine S-100. You may be wondering, where does Lapine s-100 immune globulin come from and what exactly is it? It is an antibody that is registered with the Food and Drug Administration. Its function is to target the S-100 protein, which is located naturally, and most prevalently, in the brain.

The inactive ingredients are also natural, and there are no artificial flavors or colors. Although it does contain lactose, it is free of other allergens. 

How it Works

When the S-100 protein is at normal levels in the brain, there is no issue. However, when it is overactive or overproduced, it has abnormally high activity. This causes common symptoms of anxiety and ADHD, such as stress, poor focus, and hyperactivity.

When you take Brillia, the active ingredient, Lapine S-100 targets the S-100 protein. Once found, it binds to it, which causes it to become inactive. As a result, the unwanted symptoms reduce or disappear. Eventually, this bond comes apart, which means that you need to take Brillia on a regular basis. However, this also has benefits.

No Side Effects or Contraindications

Because Lapine S-100 only targets the S-100 protein, and there is not a long-lasting bond between the antibody and protein, there are no side effects because their interaction does not affect any other function of the body.

Brillia is not addictive, and you can stop taking it without experiencing withdrawals. You can also take Brillia in conjunction with other supplements and medication without any negative effects. 

A Lifelong Focus

When you take over the counter medicine for ADHD in adults and children, there are numerous benefits. One major one is that adults and kids who experience anxiety or ADHD finally get relief without dangerous side effects or other negative issues.

Brillia works the best when you choose the right dosage, of which there are three options. If you do not have many symptoms, and they are not too bad, you may do well with the mild dose. If you have more severe symptoms, you will have better results if you order the severe dose, as this delivers a higher number of antibodies to deactivate the S-100 proteins.

If you are looking for more focus and calm, and you want to do so in a more natural way, give Brillia a try.

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