At Dixie stampede in Branson, Mo how do they do the magic trick with the girl in the barrels? ?

I have been to Dixie twice now and still can’t figure it out and it is driving me crazy! If anyone knows I would be very appreciative if you would let me know. Thanks so much!

Ok so the girl that is suppose to be walking to the bathroom. She works at Dixie and there are 2 other girls with wigs and on the wagons there is a trap door thing that they go in when the other people show everyone the barrel. And when they say to stand up she is getting out of the thing when their moving the wagons… friend works there

Dixieland Stampede Branson

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I hate it when people do what Im fixing to do, I dont know but I wish I did. That is so cool I love The Dixie Stampede and Branson lol

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