15 Fastest Ph.D. Programs - Quickest Ph.D. Programs you can enroll into

15 Fastest Ph.D. Programs – Quickest Ph.D. Programs you can enroll into

In this article, we will be discussing some of the fastest Ph.D. Programs that can be completed within no time. So let us move further and know some of the quickest Ph.D. Programs that you can enroll in.

Online learning has made completing a Ph.D. a shortcut and also helped in saving students’ money. The article will guide the 15 fastest Ph.D. programs the student can enroll in for completing the Ph.D. quickest.

15 Fastest Ph.D. Programs:

Bowling green state university-PhD in technology:

Ph.D. in technology is a program in which the student is interested in doing web-based studies. the student has five choices for a Ph.D. in technology  out of which the student has to choose one:

  • Construction Management
  •  Digital Communications, 
  • Human Resource Development 
  •  Manufacturing Systems
  • Quality Systems

The program of the Ph.D. in technology consists of five accredited institutions which are completed in 66 credit hours. The instructors of the programs have great experience in the industry and keep the students motivated.

East Carolina university-PhD in nursing:

East Carolina University offers an online course for Ph.D. in nursing. the student will be prepared for the nursing science and health care role. The students who do the Ph.D. in nursing offer many courses online by which the student advances the program. the student can complete the Ph.D. from various paths such as:

  • BSN to Ph.D.
  • MSN to Ph.D.
  • DNP to Ph.D.

Georgia state university-PhD in nursing:

Georgia university provides the Ph.D. in a nursing program fully online. The students are required to come to the university at a very minimum time. The Ph.D. nursing program at Georgia university is one of the oldest programs in the state and it is a famous program. The student who is interested in advancing in Ph.D. nursing is approached at this university. As completing a Ph.D. is a theoretical degree it does not require clinical practice. The length of the program is about 60 credit hours.

Hampton university-PhD in educational management:

 Hampton University provides a Ph.D. in educational management that focuses on covering all the important topics through an online medium. The instructor of the university teaches the students all the advanced ways to deal with a strategy in their further careers. the university Ph.D. in educational management programs provides the student to select one of the four areas such as:

  •  Pre-K-12
  •  higher education
  • special education
  • STEM

The Ph.D. in educational management program is mostly completed with 66 degree credits in 2.5 years of studies. as there is increasing competition in the exam so the student is also prepared according to the needs of the environment.

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The Indiana University of Pennsylvania-PhD in nursing:

The Ph.D. in the nursing program helps the student prepare themself for a teaching career in the nursing field. The program is being completed in 11 semesters by the experienced faculty who conduct the class and help the student to advance the career of teaching in the nursing field. for completing the Ph.D. in a short time the student can take the program of DNP to Ph.D.

Kansas state university-PhD in personal  financial planning:

The Ph.D. in personal financial planning program is the first of this kind. The student is allowed to complete their whole program by online learning which is being completed in 5 or fewer years. The student who wants to do the full-time course can do it and for the student who wants to do the part-time course, both options are available. The university is currently one of five doctoral programs being registered with the CFP board.

Walden University:

The Walden university makes the students do various degree programs completely in an online format. the various doctoral programs offered by the Walden university are as follows:

  •  Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Ph.D. in Criminal Justice
  • Ph.D. in Education
  •  Ph.D. in Management
  •  Ph.D. in Public Health
  •  Ph.D. in Nursing
  •  Ph.D. in Social Work

University of north Dakota-PhD in biomedical engineering:

The University of North Dakota provides a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering and is among the top 185th top universities. that offer to provide the program Ph.D. in biomedical engineering through online learning. The program is completed over 60-credit hours.

The University of Missouri-PhD in nursing:

The University of Missouri was founded in 1901 and ranks 108th nationally. The teachers of the university are very experienced which makes the students advance their research skills. The program of Ph.D. in nursing is completed in 56 credit hours. The post-MSN program is being completed by the student which takes at least 2 years to complete.

American university-Ph.D. in communication:

American University provides the program of Ph.D. in communication which was started in 2011 and the student can complete the program in 3 years. the students are guided by experienced faculty who take care of the students for making the completion of the program 

With advanced searches.

Old dominion university-PhD in instructional design and technology:

Old Dominion University ranks 105th by US News and World reports. The Ph.D. in instructional design and technology is completed in 56 credit hours with 580 graduates enrolled. The university provides the student with interactive web courses which can be completed by online learning. The maximum time taken to complete the course is about 3 years. 

Lesley university-PhD in expressive therapies:

Lesley University is ranked 129th as the best institution. The Ph.D. in expressive therapies is about when the student is taught about the arts in mental health practice. This program is managed by  Dr. Michele Forinash and includes the 45-credit hours for the completion of the course. It takes around 36 months for the student to learn about art therapists.

Colorado state university-PhD in system engineering:

Colorado State University ranks 216th for research influence. A Ph.D. in system engineering provides the student with an online learning system. Dr. David McLean is outlining the program with 72-credit hours which is being completed in 3 years. some lectures are on demand taught to the student such that:

  • Energy Networks 
  • IT Project Management

Mississippi state of university-PhD in community college leadership:

 Ph.D. in community college leadership program is awarded at 60th best college of education. The student who applies for the college on the 1st or march 1st will get admission in junior institution administration which is conducted for 36 months. The program is overseen by  Dr. Richard Blackbourn and takes 61 credit hours for completion.

Nova southeastern university-PhD in criminal justice:

The nova southeastern university has been awarded in 2011 distance education award, college arts, and humanities as the university ranked 41st by us news and world report.

The course for Ph.D. in criminal justice is overseen by Dr. Kimberly Durham with 60 credit hours to complete the course. The student who is graduating from nova southeastern university has two courses each 14 weeks in the trimester such as:

  • Behavioral Sciences.
  • Juvenile Justice.
  •  Organizational Leadership.

Clemson university-Ph.D in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management:

Clemson University ranks 72nd as the best value according to money magazine. The Ph.D. in parks, recreation, and tourism management is done in a 3 years plan by  Dr. Wayne Freimund which has 60 credit hours for completion. The student who wants to complete the doctorate must have a master’s with a GPA of over 3.0, completed in at least 2000 hours.


The student who wants to complete their course of Ph.D. in quickly can apply to the best university that makes the student complete the exam by online learning method which requires the student with minimal going to the university. 


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