Does the actor Luke Goss know martial arts?

I watched the movie Hellboy 2 the other day and saw actor Luke Goss who plays the bad guy. He uses martial arts and weapons to fight against people in the movie. I was wondering if anyone knew if he is trained in anything specific. I can’t find anything about him online. Thanks!

In an interview at Comic Con 2008 he answered the following:

“I have to train everyday and still wish I looked better. I love weights and Martial arts, not a big fan of cardio unless I am training with weapons or fight training…” (The question was “…do you have to work at it a lot?…What is your favorite way to work out? Weights? Martial Arts? Pilates?”

Also, on ‘where did you learn martial arts?”, he replied: “I’ve been very lucky being taught Martial arts making movies…I love it. When I am filming I don’t get time, training is done before principle photography and on days off and weekends.”

On the forum of his official site, they also report that “fight scenes [of Hellboy 2] were done by Luke who was trained by Jackie Chans fight coordinator.”

So the answer to the question is, he doesn’t have a formal martial arts training, but he’s learned a lot from working on movies with stunt coordinators. A user on the forum also said “I think with all the famous stunt coordinator Luke has worked with over the last 10 yrs he probably is a martial art expert himself now. He started with Navy seals to get in shape 10 yrs ago, he has worked with Jackie Chans, Michelle Yeoh stunt coordinators and trained with sword for past movies. For HB II he trained with spear & swords for a year.”

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Luke Goss Martial Arts

No. First, there isn’t much demand for martial arts actors in Hollywood. How many movies do you see that really have martial arts sequences in them? Second, most of the time the scenes are shot with well-known actors who’ve practiced and practiced scripted, choreographed moves. And when that’s not the case, a stunt double fills in for the actor. Very few actors (if any) are hired because of their martial arts skills. You might consider becoming a stuntman. But you won’t become a martial arts actor in Hollywood.

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Study acting. You are young and can choose your course. Try moving to the US, find a job while you look for a break. It may work. It may not work. Have a backup plan.


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I think it depends

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