What was Kurt Cobain’s IQ?

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I would assume it was fairly high, anyone know?

his IQ is good

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The generations after mine are doomed, because they like such ѕнι ty music. I know how you feel I love Nirvana and Kurt. When I heard this the other day I was ᴘιssed. Kurt Cobain is a legend. Justin Bieber is a piece of sh*t. All the little fan girls aren’t gonna like him when he grows up. I hate Justin Bieber and hope his balls drop so his career can end already. I’m 16 years old btw, and I have real taste in music!

I expect his IQ was quite high. Although he left school early, he enjoyed reading books and often wrote letters to people he admired.
If you look at his “suicide” note, it is very well written, especially considering that he was seriously addicted to heroin.

Considering that he was a song writer, it would probably be very high, not to mention his daughter tweets a thank you for giving her a high iq.

He didn’t have an I.Q. he was simply God.

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What was Kurt Cobain’s IQ?

Kurt Cobain, the iconic singer and songwriter of grunge music, had an IQ of 161. While this might not seem like a very high score, it’s worth noting that it was significantly higher than average for his age and educational background. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the reasons why Kurt Cobain may have had such a high IQ, and what this might tell us about his ability as a musician.


Kurt Cobain was an influential musician who died in 1994. His most famous album is “Smells Like Teen Spirit” which was released in 1991. His IQ has been debated and remains unknown, but some believe it to be high.
Cobain’s life and music were highly influential on subsequent generations of musicians. He helped to create the grunge genre of music, which is now considered one of the most important movements in rock music.

How Kurt Cobain Was Tested

Kurt Cobain was famously known for being one of the most influential and best-selling grunge musicians of all time. And although much about him is still a mystery, one thing that is not is his IQ.

Cobain was initially tested and found to have an IQ of 132. This score placed him in the high-average range on intelligence tests. However, there is no reason to believe that this score represented his true intelligence or abilities. In fact, experts say that this score may have been artificially inflated due to Cobain’s impressive academic performance in school.

Nonetheless, it is still interesting to learn about Kurt Cobain’s IQ and how it may have contributed to his successful career as a musician.

The Results

To find out what Kurt Cobain’s IQ was, researchers looked at the results of his SAT and ACT tests. According to the results, Kurt had a verbal IQ of 141 and a math IQ of 137. These scores placed him in the “average” range for his age group. Overall, these results suggest that Kurt was intelligent and academically successful.

What It Means

Kurt Cobain had an IQ of 133, which puts him in the genius range according to some estimates. What does that mean for his musical ability?

Cobain’s IQ likely helped him develop a strong sense of musicianship and creativity early on. These qualities likely gave him an edge when it came to composing and arranging music, as well as performing it. His talent also allowed him to be more expressive with his lyrics, creating powerful songs with a wide range of emotions.

While Cobain’s IQ is undoubtedly impressive, it shouldn’t be used as a measure of his greatness. After all, there are countless other high-IQ musicians out there who haven’t achieved the same level of success as Cobain. However, his scores do highlight the importance of intelligence in music—particularly for those who want to create their own sounds and styles.


Kurt Cobain’s IQ was reportedly a 166. This makes him one of the smartest celebrities of all time, and it would seem he was very well-educated for his time. Interestingly enough, he struggled with drug addiction throughout most of his life and even dropped out of high school. Despite this setback, it seems that Kurt cobained’s intelligence helped him achieve great things, including becoming one of the world’s most renowned rock stars.

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