Did Daddy Yankee really burn a mexican flag?

If so, tell me where to find information about it


Daddy Yankee Burn Mexican Flag

Cookies–That’s a completely unrelated situation. Mexico burned a U.S. flag because they were protesting the war. We’re trying to figure out if Daddy Yankee burned a Mexican flag because he didn’t sell enough tickets for his concert! It’s like trying to compare apples to oranges!

The famous reggaeton artist “Daddy Yankee” has gained hatred from the mexicans for burning the mexican flag because the mexicans did not go to his concert in mexico.The boricua has commited a horrible mistake, because now that he did this no mexican in their right mind will by another album by “Daddy Yankee”.Today some mexicans were interviewed and this is what they said “Puto boricua! no fuimos a tu concierto porque eres un come mierda,asi que chinga tu madre hijo de puta! y metete tus putos CD’s por donde te quepan! perro!” this has caused alot of contreverse.”Daddy Yankee” will lose alot of money for doing this.

Did anyone see mexico burning the american flag when this war started after 911? I did and it was wrong too.Im not trying to be harsh but what goes around comes around..

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Of course not! He loves Mexico!

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