Can you mix bleach and lighter fluid as a strong cleaning agent?

Saw it on That 70s Show is it dangerous

Bleach and lighter fluid….

Bleach is a water-based solution. Lighter fluid is a liquid hydrocarbon. The two will not mix well. It’s like oil and water. I would use them individually, instead. Which would work better depends on what you are trying to clean. Try one and then the other, but I wouldn’t worry about trying to mix them.

there is nothing youd need to clean using this…. that a less crazy cleaner wont take care of

Mixing bleach and ammonia together makes a great cleaning agent. My mom used to do that when i was a kid back in the 80’s and 90’s.


How strong a bleach is really the question that matters. It is not generally a good idea to mix a readily flammable product with a strong oxidizer, because then the two chemicals will do what they are expected to do: oxidize and generate heat, leading to flame. The presence of water will inhibit the reaction (the lighter fluid will not readily integrate into the aqueous phase and interact with the hypochlorite, so the interaction will be surface area limited, thus concentration of hypochlorite matters as does the amount of water allowing heat absorption).

Fundamentally, though, the idea of adding a target for oxidation (a volatile organic compound) into the cleaning solution kind of runs counter to the purpose of the oxidizing agent, which is to oxidize stuff on the surface to be cleaned. The oxidant will first oxidize the part that you added to the solution (it is what is most readily available). The bleach will get consumed before it does anything useful on the cleaning side. Not a good move in any way.

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Bleach does not play well with many chemicals or compounds, anything from toxic gas release to explosive decomposition.
I wouldn’t do it without some serious research.
Get the MSDS for bleaches.

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very dangerous and don’t do it

Yea and then light a match

i wouldnt do that, it sounds dangerous

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