write a balanced equation for the reaction of Na2S and CdSO4?

has to be expressed as a chemical equation. mastering chemistry

Na2S + CdSO4 –> Na2(SO4) + CdS.

The Na2(SO4) will be (aq) [aqueous] and CdS will be a solid precipitate (I believe it will be yellow if I remember correctly from qualitative chem labs). Due to solubility rules, the CdS will be insoluble, so when they are mixed together, a solid will form called a precipitate. All group 1 metals (i.e. Na+, K+, Li+, etc.) are all soluble so the Na2(SO4) will be dissolved in solution (basically it is just a bunch of Na+ and SO4 2- ions floating around).

This is a simple double displacement reaction (AB + CD –> AD + CB) where the two compounds essentially switch. You do not need to add any coefficients to the equation because Na+ is a 1+, S is 2-, Cd is 2+, and SO4 is 2-. With 2 Na, this equals 2+ total and therefore the SO4 2- ion’s charge results in a net charge of 0. The same goes for the Cd ion and S ion when combined (2+ -2 = 0).

Source(s): IB Chem, Biology and Physics student

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