Can someone tell me what size sewing machine needle this is?

Einfache Nadel …3STK. There are no further instructions on the package, a green paper pouch with a picture of, what else, sewing machine needles.

Einfache nadel means “simple needle” (single needle, as opposed to a double needle) and it sounds like some of the packaging for Organ needles. Does it have a foil packet with 10 needles inside?

All home sewing machines in the last 45 years have used the same needle system (which specifies length from the clamp to the eye). It’s variously called HAx1, 15x1H, 15×1, 130/705H, SY2020, SY2031, 206×15, PFx13 (Yeah, I know, but there are historical reasons for this apparent idiocy).

Needle size is measured on the blade of the needle, the thicker part of the needle between the eye and the shank that you insert into the needle clamp. Thicker needles for thicker fabrics, thinner needles for thinner fabrics.

If you look carefully at the shank of the needle with some magnification, you can usually read the name of the maker and the needle size. Here are some photos of needles:… These are all the same needle system, but increasing sizes. Singer sizes their needles by 8/10/12/14/16 — metric sizes are used in most of the rest of the world;
Singer 8 = size 60 = blade diameter of 0.60mm
Singer 10 = size 70 = blade diameter of 0.70mm
Singer 12 = size 80= blade diameter of 0.80 mm
Singer 14 = size 90 = blade diameter of 0.90 mm
Singer 16 = size 100 = blade diameter of 1.00 mm

You can either take the packet of needles to a sewing machine shop and someone can match them for you, or you can look in the sewing machine manual and it will tell you what sizes the machine can use. Most machines can take at least 8/60 through 16/100

Source(s): 50 years of sewing

Organ Sewing Machine Needles

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