Can linemen wear football visors?

I only see qb’s and running backs wear them and I am a lineman and as soon as I got one they were saying linemen dont wear them is that true?

I dont think so, Plus linemen helmets are different, QB and WR and RB’s helmets have the space where the eyes are more open, with linemen , its more closed up. Ive never seen a linemen were it because linemen helmets are more closed up heres some pics.…

the eye part is more open

i play tackle and use this one…

it had bars even in fron t of ur eyes if u kno what im saying

others dont

Well Receivers, Quarterbacks, and Running Backs wear clear visors because their face mask have a good amount of vision but not enough protection to protect the face (eyes).

If you see Receivers, Quarterbacks, and Running Backs using a dark visor it is usually for they can not let people see where they are looking.

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Line men shouldn’t have to wear visors because usually their face mask provide more protect to the face then vision but if you have a face mask that does not provide enough protection to the eyes then you keep your visor on your mask.

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