7 steps to kevin bacon, Charlie Sheen?

self explanatory

it’s 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon and I am sure someone can do that one in 2 or maybe even 1.

Source(s): Being John Malkovich
Kevin Bacon turned down the part that Charlie Sheen played.
Actor who got the part: Charlie Sheen
see told you

Bacon Number Charlie Sheen

Seven Steps To Kevin Bacon

It doesn’t take 7 steps. His exwife was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon.

Kevin Bacon was in JFK with Tommy Lee Jones who was in US Marshalls with Wesley Snipes who was in To Wong Foo with Patrick Swayze who was in Dirty Dancing with Jennifer Grey who was in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with Charlie Sheen

Source(s): the movies I’ve seen

Answer 6

kevin bacon – few good men with demi moore

demi moore- st elmo’s fire with emilo estevez

emilo estevez- young guns with his brother charlie sheen

which brings us to kevin and charlie linking….. i surprised myself on this one.

Source(s): me and yahoo

Answer Prime

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