Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad meaning?

Did Carly Rae Jepsen ever explain that line? It always gets me, I sit there and overanalyze it to the core. Does anyone have any idea what it may mean? It makes no sense yet I understand it lol.

Lol. Yeah, in an interview she explained what she meant by it. She said that that line was about her current boyfriend. That before she met him she missed him. It is really hard to explain. But its like she knew what she wanted and didn’t have it. But now that she has it she knew what she was missing. Him….Get it? Kind of? lol

I always thought it meant that she was wanting a guy to like, and to like her back as well. She didn’t have anyone in her life but she yearned for a boyfriend. And then she finally met someone and was like “oh where have you been all my life? I’ve been thinking about you non-stop”, when in reality she’s never met the dude. It’s not a literal meaning.

But I could be wrong, haha that’s just my take on it!

Yes she DID mention in an interview that it was about her current boyfriend.
It’s like she had a feeling that something was missing in her life , like she kind of knew what it was but never could really put a finger on it.
Then her boyfriend showed up and she felt that he filled that hole in her life where she knew something was missing.
Hence , “Before you came into my life , I missed you so bad.”

It’s kind of like she knew they meant to be together and she was just waiting for him to walk into her life.

LOL , it seemed I dragged on a little bit ! But hope I helped !

So it was basically using the Law of attraction; she imagined she already had a boyfriend and missed him so much that one day a guy turned up, who was exactly what she wanted in a man. and that’s why she was like this is crazy but…

I Missed You So

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I think she means she was missing a boyfriend/love interest in her life before she ran into this guy.

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