Auditioning for Hedda Gabler…monologue suggestions?

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there’s a great monologue from a lesser known ibsen play for a young woman. the play is Master Builder, and the role is Hilda. It’s a wonderfully complex character; and may also be appropriate for both hedda and thea.
it’s a long scene (link below)…and i don’t know how long the monologue should be, but here’s an initial cut:
Mr. Solness! Have you a very bad memory? have you nothing to say about what happened?
When the tower was finished, we had grand doings in the town.
There was music in the churchyard–and many, many hundreds of people. We school-girls were dressed in white.
Then you climbed right up the scaffolding, straight to the very top.
It was so wonderfully thrilling to stand below and look up at you. Fancy, if he should fall over! He–the master builder himself!
Oh, it was so gloriously thrilling! And that you should not be the least bit dizzy! It was that above everything that made one–made one dizzy to think of.
No indeed! For if you had been, you could never have stood up there and sung.. It sounded like harps in the air.
But then, –it was after that–that the real thing happened.
Don’t you remember that a great dinner was given in your honor
and you were invited to come round to our house.
I was alone in the room when you came in?
You said I was lovely in my white dress, and that I looked like a little princess.
And then you said that when I grew up I should be your princess.
And when I asked how long I should have to wait, you said that you would come again in ten years–like a troll–and carry me off–to Spain or some such place. And you promised you would buy me a kingdom there.
it seemed as though you wanted to make game of me.
I should hope not–considering what you did next—
You came and kissed me, Mr. Solness. You took me in both your arms, and bent my head back, and kissed me–many times.
[Rises.] You surely cannot mean to deny it?
then the other guests came in, and then–bah!
Oh, you haven’t really forgotten anything: you are only a little ashamed of it all. I am sure one doesn’t forget things of that kind.
Perhaps you have even forgotten what day it was?
It was ten years ago–on the 19th of September–day did you hang the wreath on the tower.
the ten years are gone. And you didn’t come–as you had promised me.
I thought, if you could build the highest church-towers in the world, you could surely manage to raise a kingdom.
I want my kingdom. The time is up.

Hedda Gabler Monologue

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First of all please allow me to debunk a lot of mistakes people who have no idea what they’re talking about are throwing at you. I believe the first person told you to sing a song from Oliver! called “consider yourself of the family”. WRONG the song is called “Consider Yourself” and it’s song by a young boy; big no-no for a girl. (I should know I just finished performing in a production of Oliver! a few hours ago) Secondly I saw several people telling you to sing songs from: Wicked, Spamalot, Chicago, and Spring Awakening, Seussicle, and Avenue Q. While they are all fantastic musical they are widely over done and should be avoided at auditions along with Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis, High School Musical, and Legally Blond the Musical. Also don’t listen to anyone who tells you to do a song that is NOT from musical theater. Finally I must warn you that karaoke versions of songs are not the way to go. They have been altered dramatically and wont teach you the notes or dynamics. Your best bet is to find a simple song and get the sheet music for it. For you, as you seem to be a young alto, I would recommend “As Long As He Needs Me” from Oliver! it’s a relatively simple piece if you sing the right measures and gives you a chance to show a great deal of emotion. Also the song could fit a number of characters which would work to your benefit. Break a leg and best whishes!

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