Are Catholic ( Or Any ) Churches open 24/7 ?

Are Catholic ( or any ) churches open 24/7 in order for people to pray privately?

No but God is, go straight to the source.

It relies upon on the place you’re. All Catholic church homes was once open 24/7 so as that folk would desire to stroll in and pray any time. regrettably, in recent times it incredibly is not any longer the case, for some reasons. A) the clergy are greater liberal in recent times and are greater keen on human rights than they’re with prayer and non secular coaching. B) there are fewer religious Catholics, so the church homes would be open yet no person will are available to wish. which finally leads to C) human beings in immediately’s society have much less appreciate for faith and so church homes that are left open could be vandalized and issues stolen. additionally D) human beings paintings greater suitable than they used to, and girls paintings, and human beings stress vehicles and have long commutes, such quite a few Catholics regrettably have not got time to offer up in and pay attention Mass, or pass to Confession, or pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament like their grandmother would have 60 years in the past. In Europe, Catholic church homes are oftentimes constantly open. In us of a of america, greater suitable, busier church homes often are open, yet often small parish church homes would be locked, exceptionally if there is not any longer a clergyman residing on the valuables.

I live in a very small town, and we don’t have our church open 24/7 because of evil people vandalizing. It is open very early and open every day but not late at night. You don’t need a church to pray….you can pray anywhere

they used to be…when i was growing up in the 50’s as a catholic i remember my dad would go to church at 5:30 am to pray before going to work..and our church ,…St Augustine…seemed to always be open and you could walk in anytime to pray..they even had a box of bandanas for the women to cover their heads back then..but with all the crime today i dont think you will find one thats 24/7

Most Catholic Churches are, unless they are in a bad neighborhood.

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Yes some churches are open but I dont know which ones.

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Not in Southwest Washington


Thieves are so bold that they come in and rob and steal during the daytime. There is no reason to encourage them during the evening and nightime hours.

“But thou when thou shalt pray, enter into thy chamber, and having shut the door, pray to thy Father in secret: and thy Father who seeth in secret will repay thee.”

Yes. Your home! Try praying there.


My church is.

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