_____ is not described in dynamics of crash section. options the car’s collision the human collision the internal collision or external?

In this article, we are going to explore the question of whether or not a car’s collision with another object (human or inanimate) is described by dynamics of crash section. In other words, is it the car’s collision with the human or the car’s collision with an inanimate object that matters for the dynamics of crash? Let’s take a look at each option and see what advantages and disadvantages they have.

What are the dynamics of a car crash?

There are many different dynamics that come into play when a car crashes. The car’s collision with the human, the internal collision between the car and the human, or the external collision with other objects are all important factors.

What are the dynamics of a human collision?

The dynamics of a human collision can be broken down into three categories- the car’s collision, the human collision, and the internal collision. In terms of the car’s collision, it is important to understand how the car’s speed, size, and weight affect the outcome of a crash. The speed at which a vehicle is travelling when it crashes has a significant impact on the severity of the crash. A smaller vehicle travelling at a higher speed will generally result in more severe injuries than a larger vehicle travelling at a lower speed. The size and weight of a vehicle also play a role in determining the severity of a crash. Larger vehicles are more likely to cause more serious injuries than smaller vehicles due to their greater weight and size. The internal collision refers to collisions between the body and internal organs within the body. This type of collision is typically more severe than any other type of collision due to the amount of force that is involved.

What are the dynamics of an internal collision?

An internal collision is when two or more objects come into contact with each other within the car. This can happen when one object bumps into another, or when the car crashes into something else. In both cases, the objects inside the car will hit each other.

What are the dynamics of an external collision?

An external collision is when two objects come into contact with each other outside of the car. The dynamics of an external collision depend on a number of factors, including the mass, speed, and materials of the objects.


What is the difference between a human and car collision?
The main difference between a human and car collision is that a car collision typically results in physical damage to the cars involved, whereas a human collision typically results in injury or death. In addition, car collisions involve two separate objects while human collisions often involve people and other objects.

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