yo mama so fat you have to roll her in flour and then dive for the wet spot.?

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I know I’m really lame but what does that mean? ._.

i have nooooooo idea ( i am only 12)

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you again?? YOu guys..take a look at his other questions…what a desperate for attention geek. Go tell your mom to take you to the park and stop being so miserable. Your not funny and nobody thinks so, trust me. Weve heard all these tired jokes before.

Its like she is so fat that they had to roll her in the flour to find her hole

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yo mama so fat you have to roll her in flour and then dive for the wet spot.?

Yo mama so fat, she’s gotta roll in flour and then dive for the wet spot. This is an old and well-known proverb that has been turned into a children’s song. The proverb is funny because it is true – someone who is very overweight can be very difficult to move. In this article, we are going to take a look at the history of this saying and see what it means today. We are also going to look at some statistics about obesity and see how it is affecting our society. Finally, we will provide some tips on how you can help your loved ones manage their weight in a healthy way.

The Origins of Yo Mama jokes

Yo Mama jokes have been around for centuries, and they all have one thing in common- they are hilarious! Yo Mama jokes are typically written about overweight people, and the reason for this is simple- people are often amused by the idea of someone being so big that they can’t even move.

One of the earliest examples of a yo mama joke can be found in a poem from the 1300s, and it goes something like this: “Yo mama so fat she can’t get up from her chair/ And when she does, she has to roll all the way to the door.” The poem is obviously poking fun at an overweight person, and over time the phrase evolved into what we know today as yo mama jokes.

There are countless variations of yo mama jokes out there, but some of the most popular include:

-Yo mama so lazy she can’t even clean her own house/
-Yo mama so ugly she’s been banned from every online dating site/
-Yo mama so stupid she got kicked out of college/
-Yo mama so old she’s been around since the dinosaurs roamed the earth/

No matter which yo Mama joke

The Meaning of Yo Mama Jokes

Yo mama so fat, she has to roll her in flour and then dive for the wet spot. These classic jokes are about a person’s grandparents, but can also be used about other relatives. Rolling someone in flour is an old practice of hiding someone from sight. Diving for the wet spot is an old saying for finding something that is hidden below water.

The Effects of Yo Mama Jokes on Society

Many people may not realize it, but jokes about Yo Mama can have serious consequences. When we make fun of someone, even if it’s in jest, we’re sending them a message that they’re not good enough. And this kind of negative self-esteem is harmful both mentally and physically.

Studies have shown that people with low self-esteem are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. They’re also more likely to experience mental health problems like depression and anxiety. And worst of all, these diseases tend to be harder to treat because the sufferers don’t feel good about themselves.

It’s important to remember that jokes are only funny if they’re consensual. Joking about Yo Mama Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You’re a Good Person

But even if you think your jokes are harmless, you should still be careful about how you use them. If you find yourself using Yo Mama jokes regularly or in a way that’s damaging to others, you might want to reconsider your approach. But even if you don’t care about the effects of your jokes, it’s still important to think about the impact they have on other people.


Yo mama so fat she has to roll in flour and then dive for the wet spot.? Recently, an image macro featuring a woman rolling around on the ground while exclaiming “yo mama so fat” went viral. While it is humorous, there are some underlying messages that we should be mindful of when sharing this type of content online. For one, images like these can contribute to body shaming. Additionally, by portraying physical activity as something necessary for weight loss (instead of simply being healthy), people may end up eating more unhealthy foods in order to try and lose weight fast. If you want to share an image like this in your blog post or social media post, make sure that you are aware of the potential consequences before you do so.

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