Word Online – Font changes when I go to Print

If you are experiencing font changes when you go to print a document in Word Online, there are a few potential solutions you can try:

1. Check your printer settings: Sometimes, font changes can occur if your printer settings are not configured correctly. Make sure that your printer is set to print in the correct font and that the paper size and orientation are also correct.

2. Check your document settings: It’s possible that the font changes are occurring because of the settings in your document. Check to see if there are any formatting issues or if the font is set to change when printed. You can do this by going to the “Page Layout” tab and selecting “Page Setup.”

3. Use a different browser: Sometimes, font changes can occur because of compatibility issues with your browser. Try using a different browser to see if the issue persists.

4. Use a different font: If none of the above solutions work, try using a different font in your document. Some fonts may not be compatible with certain printers or browsers, so switching to a different font may solve the problem.

In conclusion, font changes when printing in Word Online can be frustrating, but there are several potential solutions you can try. By checking your printer and document settings, using a different browser, or switching to a different font, you can hopefully resolve the issue and print your document without any font changes.


In conclusion, I hope that the solutions provided were helpful in resolving the font changes you were experiencing when printing in Word Online. Remember to check your printer and document settings, try using a different browser, or switch to a different font if necessary. If you continue to experience issues, don’t hesitate to seek further assistance. Best of luck with your printing endeavors!

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