“Without you, today’s emotions would be the scurf of yesterday’s.”?

This quote is from the wonderful French movie Amelie.

I can only answer half and to do that I had to look up ‘scurf’. I thought you had mis-typed it.
Anyhow, someone is saying that without the loved one, all today’s feelings would be like the scales from the skin that had been shed yesterday.
It is a very roundabout way of saying that his(?) heart sings so vibrantly today, that all previous feelings of love are like skin scales by contrast.
Skin scales biologically have no nerves and therefore are devoid of feeling….. nice little metaphor.

So the interpretation I just came up with is this:
Since this is from the movie Amelie and it was a reoccurring quote, I believe it directly relates to her…
Emotions, without this person, are more dry. They are unable to be fresh and felt and alive. Life is a little mundane and she is constantly living within the sheddings of her past. Since Amelie had a troublesome childhood – she found love which is symbolic of her breaking away from all of that. Without this love, she is stuck in this old, undesirable emotional state. She craves something new and fulfilling.

This quote was made for the movie. The author in the film is named Hipolito, and he dreams of fame – of being quoted, beloved, and ultimately forgotten in the sea of ideas no longer considered “new” – to be a part of man’s collective historical unconscious. It is, literarily speaking, a terribly written line, not worthy of being quoted, but one of which Hipolito is proud, indicating something of his actual skill as a (failed) writer.
Towards the end of the movie, Amelie covertly sprays it as graffiti on a wall, and Hipolito, passing it, gains a spring to his step – in this small gesture, a part of his lifelong dream has been fulfilled.

Scurf Definition

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