Why is the comment “We should’ve picked our own cotton” racist?

I’ve heard it a few times and someone said it was racist but I don’t get why.. I’m not racist, I just don’t get it!

If we picked our own cotton, we’d have received the “whole experience”…your back would be getting somewhat tight…not just you getting the credit and $$.
Not racist..just a known fact.

The phrase “we should have picked our own cotton” means that we should not have brought black slaves to this country. We should have done our own work, or paid white people a living wage to do the work. If we had done that, there would be no black people in this country, or else they would have come voluntarily like all the other immigrants, and we would not have the civil rights issues we have today.

If the person who says the comment is white, the implication seems to be that they (the “We”) feel that if whites had picked their own cotton and not bought slaves to do it, we would be a less diverse nation in that we would have fewer blacks. Sounds pretty racist to me, but I hear people say things like this that often.

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i have never heard that but my initial thought was, if we had picked our own cotton we wouldn’t be hearing all the complaining and inequality mumbo-jumbo we hear now. no more race card to pull, no more “you people OWE us this….” if we had picked our own cotton, we would all be on a level playing field. in that respect, i do not feel it was racist at all. im sure black people agree we should have picked our own cotton!

Any references made to cotton picking is racist. It’s like saying they couldn’t do that right so we should have done it ourselves.

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I think it’s saying that if white people picked their own cotton there would be less black people in america today

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it’s not

The only reason Black people are in the USA is they were brought here to pick cotton. (OK that is an over-simplification, but not by much), If we (white people) had picked our own cotton, there would be no Black people here.

Well African American slaves used to pick cotton. That is one of the main reasons people brought slaves to this country – to pick cotton. I guess if white people had picked their own cotton, they wouldn’t have brought slaves here and we wouldn’t have black people here?
Maybe that’s what it means. I’m not sure. I’m glad we have black people here though!


It is saying that black people are lazy and that they did poor quality work, this may be saying that they re also lazy now. IDK, depending on the situation.

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