Why are my eyebrows turning blonde?

I have always had dirty blonde hair and brown eyebrows. I am 21 years old and today I noticed that there are some hairs that are starting to grow in very light blonde starting from between my brows and only on the inner tips/middle. I haven’t used any weird skin medication and I don’t see any difference in my hair, just my eyebrows. I’m really hoping that they will go back to normal and don’t want them to turn blond, does anyone know what could cause this??? I also have no hereditary signs of it, no one in my family has had odd/young hair color changes.

Either you’re using face creams/ washes with bleach in them, you’ve been spending a lot of time in the sun, or you’re getting greys but you seem way too young for that.

If you haven’t used any new facial products, my guess would either be suntanning or swimming. Suntanning can light your hair, including your eyebrows. Chlorine in the pool can turn your hair and eyebrows lighter color.

MAybe you’ve been spending a lot of time in the sun?

just before hair turns gray, it lightens.

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