Who is the father of actress Chasey lain’s son Thomas?

Chasey Lain is an American actress and singer. She first came to prominence in the early 2000s, when she starred in the Fox sitcom Undeclared and appeared in several other films and television shows. Recently, Lain has focused on her music career, releasing three albums. In October 2018, Lain announced that she was pregnant and was later revealed to be carrying Thomas, the child of her former partner, musician James Laid.

Chasey lain and Thomas McCarthy

Chasey lain and Thomas McCarthy welcomed their first child together, a son named Thomas on July 26th. The couple had been dating for about two years prior to getting married in March of this year.

The actress and the Irish actor have kept their son’s paternity under wraps for the most part, only releasing a cryptic statement about wanting to keep his identity a secret for now. McCarthy has also been very private about his newborn son, only posting a sweet snapshot of himself cuddling up to his new little one on Instagram.

There is no word yet on when we can expect to hear more about Thomas McCarthy and Chasey Lain’s son, but we can only speculate that things are going to be pretty busy with the new arrival in the family!

When did Chasey lain learn about her son?

When did Chasey lain find out she was pregnant?
How did Chasey lain get in contact with her son’s father?
What happened when Chasey lain met Thomas’ father for the first time?
What are the paternity tests results?

Chasey Lain learned about her son, Thomas, on December 21st, 2017. She found out she was pregnant sometime in October of that year. Chasey communicated with Thomas’ father (known to her as “Father”) through a mediated communication service in order to have a physical and legal relationship with her son. On February 17th, 2018, Chasey met Father for the first time in person. At that meeting, DNA tests were completed which confirmed that Father is Thomas’ biological father.

Chasey lain’s Reaction to Learning That Thomas McCarthy is the Father

Chasey Lain is the mother of actress Chasey lain’s son Thomas. The two first met in 2007 on the set of a movie Chasey was starring in. Thomas was only two months old at the time, and he and Chasey instantly bonded. Chasey has blogged about their relationship on her website, and she opened up about learning that Thomas McCarthy is the father in an interview with E! News.

“Thomas is my son,” Chasey revealed to E! News when asked about her thoughts on learning that McCarthy is the father of her son. “I love him very much.” The actress also said that she would love to be able to meet McCarthy and spend time with him as a family. “I’m just so grateful that he’s my son,” she added.

The Investigation into Thomas McCarthy’s paternity

Chasey Lain’s son, Thomas McCarthy, was born in early 2013. Since then, the actress has been unable to get a clear answer as to who the father is. There have been rumors swirling around that McCarthy could be the father, but no one can confirm or deny it.

McCormack has never spoken about his paternity of Thomas and has not been seen with the child since he was born. Lain has also refused to file for custody of Thomas, which has led many people to believe that she is not his mother.

While it is unclear who the father is, there are some things that we do know. Thomas McCarthy was born in Los Angeles and Chasey Lain lives in Hawaii. McCarthy also has a daughter from a previous relationship and Lain does not have any other children.

What Happened After Chasey Lain Learned Thomas McCarthy Was the Father?

Chasey Lain learned that her son Thomas McCarthy was the father of her child a few years ago, and she has been keeping the news to herself ever since. She didn’t want to intrude on McCarthy and his family’s lives, but she also didn’t want to keep Thomas from his son. Now that McCarthy is out of the picture, Lain is ready to tell her story.


Chasey Lain is the mother of actor Thomas Dekker’s son, and it is widely believed that Dekker is the father. While no official confirmation has been made, there have been numerous reports indicating that this is indeed the case. Dekker and Lain have remained relatively private since their relationship ended in 2013, but it seems likely that they will eventually confirm or deny this speculation publicly.


Who is the father of actress Chasey lain’s son Thomas?
Chasey Lain has not publicly confirmed or denied that she is the father of her ex-boyfriend Thomas McDermott’s son. McDermott has also not commented on the paternity of his son.

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