Which of the following is least like the others?

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Out of the bear, elephant, badger and hamster, the one that’s least just like the others is the elephant. The elephant shouldn’t be furry and has no hair like the opposite animals listed. Elephants even have a trunk and never a nostril. The elephant additionally does not have claws like the opposite animals. All the animals listed are mammals since they offer dwell start to their younger.

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“flare” is least just like the others as a result of lamps, flash lights, and spotlights all contain some form of bulb or electrical energy whereas a flare doesn’t; a flare entails hearth.

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A exit take a look at as a result of that is the one I feel is correct

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All the others have a light-weight bulb in them. A flare doesn’t. The flare shouldn’t be just like the others. -Hope it helps!

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Alright ought to be the reply the others are all comparable as a result of all of them are inclined to vehicles.

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C is the proper reply

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Elephant as a result of all different animals are plant and meat eater or omnivore

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Glass is the reply as a result of water, ice, and snow, are all water in several states/varieties.

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Each different object has gentle produced by electrical energy, and a flare doesn’t.

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