Which company is better to sell for, Mary Kay, Beauticontrol, or Jafra? Which product is the best?

Which company has the best consultant incentives, perks and commission structure? Which company has the highest costs to do business as far as supplies, etc.?

There are people who have joined my company that used to work with Mary Kay. The average Mary Kay representative buys serverl hundred dollars if not thousands to stock an inventory. They also have a hard time because so many people are represenatives of Mary Kay and there simply is not enough business to go around. Many times they were unable to return unsold items due to color changes where they discontinues some items and the representative is simply stuck with it. I have a very interesting comparison between my company and Mary Kay if you would be interested. I don’t know about Beauticontrol or Jafra but I believe they are less over done.
If you live in the U.S. or Canada I have a company you may be interested in. I work with Stayin Home and Lovin It! and they are partnered with a wellness company that is 21 years old and in good standing with the Better Business Buerau. The make products that are healthier non-toxic and environmentally safer. They have a complete cosmetic line, and they sell so many other products also, including cleaning supplies, shampoo, toothpaste, deoderant, vitamins, health bars, laundry soap, candles, bubble bath, soaps, and so much more. All your necessities you buy everyday. With this company you do not stock any products, or make any deliveries. You enroll customers to shop direct and their purchases are delivered to their door. Then you recieve a commission for everything that customer buys and long as they are buying. You can have the home parties if you like to enroll customers to show off the products. The products are at a reasonable price, many I found to be cheaper than what I was buying before. If you are interested in researching this company further go to http://healthybetterme.com/ and fill out the request to get more information. There is no risk of losing anything with this company and no big investment. I hope you find what you are looking for.

There are so many great companies out there, but most do require that you are at least 18. What is your passion? Is there a product that you really love and feel you could represent the company well? It’s important to become involved with a company where you love the product and believe in the company. For me, I was looking for a reputable company where my customers would continue to come back for more. I ruled out jewelry or purses, because I know that I don’t generally seek out those consultants. I only buy when I am at a home party in order to support the hostess. So with that in mind, Scentsy made sense…and it was a good decision for me. Think about your passion and take some time to do some research. Ask a lot of questions and be sure to take the time to select a great sponsor. Your sponsor can really help you find success in your business. I wish you luck! I hope you find just what you’re looking for. Lisa

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You can sign up with most companies if you are 18, because that is the minimum age that you must be to enter into a binding legal contact. There are many different companies that use independent distributors or reps to market their products. Many have great products and most have fewer reps to compete against for business than Mary Kay or Avon. Here are the names of some other cosmetic/skin care companies: Arbonne Beauticontrol Jafra Mia Bella Beauty Sensaria There are probably others, but those are the ones that came to mind. Of course there are other companies that offer all sorts of other types of products that you can market – books, toys, candles, scrapbooking supplies, food, etc. Compare the products, the companies, the training available, the approved marketing methods, profit margins and compensation plans to help you make the best decision for you! It will help you to be successful if you do whatever you can to learn about marketing and sales techniques – read books, ebooks, listen to training webinars and conference calls, or ecourses offered by the company you choose and use the information to make up a business plan for your business. If you do, you will be miles ahead of the average person starting out. Good luck!

What you need to consider here, is that all of these companies have gone through hyper-growth long ago. People no longer have time to do home parties and many just don’t want to. I sold Mary Kay and Beauticontrol, and found that their time has passed. I now have a home business in the health and wellness industry which is fast becoming a trillion dollar industry. I now help people become beautiful from the inside with a product that is doing amazing things for the skin as well as the rest of the body. This is where the market is now because the baby boomers are aging and looking for health and anti-aging products….which I can deliver in only one product that is proving itself over and over again. Also, I am not limiting my market to mostly women…everyone can use this product including pregnant women and newborn babies. I have found success with this.

I would definetly have to say Mary Kay! I have been a consultant for a year now and I will be earning a FREE Car. Mary Kay has been #1 in skin care for 13 consecutive years now and plus you make 50% off everything…..you buy for $1 and sell for $2. Thats HUGE. I’m a stay at home Mom, and I love Mary Kay because of it’s flexibility and tax right off. I make about $75-$100 right now. You can too. I only work about 4-6 hrs a week and it’s a lot of fun plus i get a 50% discount off all my products. NOW is the time to start your own business with Mary Kay because Christmas is coming up and everyone is shopping….why not have them shop with you….plus you could give your family/friends Mary Kay gifts for Christmas and right it off on your taxes. Let me know if you need any further info or you could view my website at www.marykay.com/reneewatson.

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I wouldn’t do Mary Kay. I know that from experience. Do people still buy Jafra? I guess there is a market for it, obviously, but I don’t hear of them much where I live. I have never heard of Beauticontrol.

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Beauticontrol Compensation Plan

Avon! Avon is the best. check it out yourself at www.avon.com

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