Where can I buy seal meat in the US?

I really enjoy trying exotic meats. Apparently seal meat is also very healthful. I’m looking for a source in the US for seal meat.

Aw. How mean to eat poor seals!
I don’t know where to get it, and
neither do I want to.

Tesco and other major supermarkets sell free-range cнιcκen, which is a good start They also sell the free-range eggs The best supermarket to get free-range foods is Waitrose, and if you look, it isn’t that much more expensive than other supermarkets, so i would definitely check that out!! Also, try and avoid eating meat out, as this is all cheap cruel stuff, especially KFC D: Also, when buying cakes etc., then try and see if they use free range eggs, i know Tesco Finest cakes use free range eggs, it normally says on the ingredients list/packaging. It’s great that you care about this type of stuff

I looked up where to find seal meat too. So people chill.

Save the Dolphins…club a baby seal instead…lol

Source(s): sorry i have no idea…try buffalo or venison it’s very lean and tasty

I was able to have some home canned Newfoundland seal , once , I have been looking for it ever since and cannot find any I. If you find it please let me know . Thanks …

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i dont think theres any or a bunch of animal rights activists would flip. but im sure in canada they serve it at some restaurants as a delicacy

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Good luck!

I highly doubt your question is legitimate, but perhaps if you were a Inuit Native it would be allowed. Otherwise, you are SOL.

Source(s): SOL = $hit out of luck

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