what was the original ending on Secondhand Lions?

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I watched this film on DVD and thought it was rather good except for the ending. Now I hear there was an original ending. what was the original ending?

The original ending had a funeral scene with the adult Walter delivering a eulogy. There were also other characters from the uncle’s stories that came from the funeral. Instead of the sheik’s son landing in a helicopter, the sheik himself came.

In the commentary, the director said that this ending screened well, but it just drug on for too long and the audience didn’t really need for a character to tell us how great the uncles were, because they already knew how great they were.

It is a nice scene, but I can see what the director meant. If you don’t have the DVD, rent it and watch it.

Secondhand Lions Characters

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Hang on!! I watched this film on DVD and thought it was rather good except for the ending which was the most terrible cheesiest thing ever!! with the rich prince coming to meet the cartoonist… I didn’t know there was an original ending.

The original ending was they took the lions back to the pawn shop and returned them. THEN, and this is the good part, they made the original owner come pick them up!! This made the lions NEW. They weren’t secondhand anymore!!! Oh golly..I cried..it was sooo good. On the IMDB by the way it said..”if you liked this movie see Recycled Bears: A tale of confusion and angst.”

According to IMDB the dvd ending (which is what I saw also) is on the dvd, probably under special features.

“The ending was re-shot due to negative test-screening feedback. The re-shot cost $600,000. The original ending will be available on the DVD.”

BTW…I loved that movie it was highly under-rated!

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The original ending is when they return the lions.

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what was the original ending on Secondhand Lions?

Many viewers were left wondering what happened to the two main characters of Secondhand Lions – the eccentric and lovable Jeffrey L. Woolsey, played by Michael Douglas, and his wife, played by Holly Hunter. The film’s ending was abruptly cut off after Douglas’s character committed suicide, leaving many viewers wondering what happened next. Fortunately, some creative fans have taken it upon themselves to piece together the film’s original ending. According to these theorists, Jeffrey L. Woolsey was not actually suicidal – he faked his own death to free himself from his wife’s controlling grip. As for Hunter’s character? She eventually remarried and had children with another man. While this version of events is certainly lacking in depth, it provides an interesting look at the characters’ motivations and reveals some new twists and turns in the already complex plot of Secondhand Lions. So whether you’re a diehard fan of the film or just looking for a little extra insight into its ending, be sure to check out these fan theories!

What is the ending of Secondhand Lions?

The original ending for Secondhand Lions was not what ended up being filmed. The original ending was supposed to have been that the author, Ron Rash, won the Pulitzer Prize for his novel. However, when it came time to shoot the ending, they ran out of money and could not afford to finish filming. Thus, the movie ended with the character of Buddy winning the lottery and leaving town.

What are the possible endings to Secondhand Lions?

The original ending for Secondhand Lions was vastly different from the one that was ultimately filmed. The original ending involved the death of the main character, Tim Curran, which would have led to a much darker and more emotional final film.

Ultimately, Spielberg decided to change the ending, and instead have Tim Curran come back to life. This new ending gave the film a much more light-hearted and celebratory tone, which helped it to be more successful commercially.

Are any of the endings true?

The original ending for Secondhand Lions was that the boy, Roy, and the preacher find each other again and they live happily ever after. However, this ending was changed before the movie was released to make it more upbeat. It is now believed by many fans of the movie that the original ending is actually more accurate portrayals of how life really works. In reality, most relationships do not work out perfectly and often times people end up going their separate ways.

How would the ending have been different if Hoffman had not died?

If Hoffman had not died, the ending would have been much different. He was a key character in the movie, and without him, the entire plotline would have been changed. Hoffman’s death could have led to one of two possible endings: either Roy returning home to his family or Roy continuing his journey and finding redemption. In either case, the film would not have been as successful as it is now.

While we’re on the topic of movies, I wanted to ask you what your thoughts were on Secondhand Lions. Personally, I thought it was a pretty good movie. But then again, my opinion isn’t worth much. So if you have any thoughts about it, please let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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