What was a key design change for hfc-134a a/c system versus cfc-12 a/c systems?

What was a key design change for hfc-134a a/c system versus cfc-12 a/c systems?

hfc-134a has a better process of refrigerants venting and mixing compared to cfc-12 a/c system. This reduce the toxicity level of air conditioner which make it possible for the Air conditioner to be installed in small/cramped space such as cars

Brisk couple administration fitting and that plan diminish venting and blending of refrigerants during administration.   Further Explanation:   Contrasting hfc-134a and cfc-12 a/c framework:   HFC-134a has a superior procedure of refrigerants venting and blending contrasted with cfc-12 a/c framework. This lessen the danger level of forced air system which make it feasible for the Air conditioner to be introduced in little/confined space, for example, vehicles   HFC refrigerant gas:   R-134a. R134a is an unadulterated HFC refrigerant gas that replaces R-12 in new establishments. R-134a is a phenomenal refrigerant utilized in a wide assortment of uses and even as a segment in a large number of the current HFC mixtures available.   HFC 134a is dangerous gas:   HFC 134a is at any rate as protected as CFC 12. Purposefully thinking and breathing the vapors of any refrigerant or airborne fuel could be dangerous and even lead to death. In rundown, HFC 134a has been thoroughly tried for harmfulness, and all the testing has indicated it to have amazingly low danger.   Methodology for retrofitting a CFC-12 (R-12) framework:   The reason for this SAE Recommended Practice is to give an administration method to retrofitting a CFC-12 (R-12) framework to HFC-134a (R-134a) while protecting execution and honesty of the cooling (A/C) framework.
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Answer : According to Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) standards the major key design change that was done for CF-12 A/C systems to HFC-134a A/C systems for the mobile A/C system service is that it provided with new service fittings which reduced the venting of refrigerants into the atmosphere and hence the mixing was also reduced with the ozone. This new, unique and advanced quick modification has helped a lot in terms of maintaining low level of CFC emission in the environment.

Level of contamination is also reduced
and the emission of refrigerants and greenhouse gases (sulfur
dioxide, carbon dioxide) is also reduced.

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Reduction in the contribution to ozone depletion and reduced Global Warming Potential – Both gases CFC and HFC gases are used as refrigerants in car air conditioning systems (A/C-systems). However, hfc-134a a/c systems were built to be environment friendly and reduced the Global Warming Potential (GWP) by more than 80%.

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