What the hell does “Jeeper’s Crow” literally mean?

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my grandpa always uses it and i know it basically means holy crap but who the hell thought of that one? lmao

This was all I could find.

Jeepers- interjection Used to express surprise or annoyance — like “Jeez!” or “Sheesh!”
Editor’s Note: this word was submitted to the Nonsensicon (originally as “Jeepers Crow”)

Define Jeepers

It is a Euphemism for Jesus Christ. Some folk got in into their heads that if they modified the name it wouldn’t be “taking God’s name in vane.” Jeesh has a similar origin, and Jeepers Creepers. It’s also used to break people out of the habit of swearing “Jesus Christ” the slight shift thoguht to be easier than stopping all together. (also easier to shift from Jesus to Jeepers when one realizes a parent, priest or nun has overheard you start to swear)

I think it means roughly ( Kurt is way cooler than christin and his awesomeness level is like 5 times more than hers) ……………….. Thus how we get “jeeper’s crow


probably the same person that came up with “Jimminy Cricket”

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I think it means “get in touch with goodjoe”….

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dont know never heard of it

may be “holly ****” or “crap” or “damm”

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What the hell does “Jeeper’s Crow” literally mean?

Jeepers Creepers is a common phrase used in popular culture, but what does it actually mean? While its origins are up for debate, this phrase is most likely derived from a combination of two other phrases – “Jeepers” and “Creepers.”

History of the phrase

The phrase “Jeeper’s crow” is thought to have originated in the early 1800s. It was first used as a way to describe the sound of a rooster crowing, and later came to be used as a term for someone who was constantly complaining.

How the phrase is used today

“Jeeper’s Crow” is a phrase that is used today to describe someone who is very resourceful. This phrase is derived from the Jeepers Creepers movie franchise. In the movie, the protagonist, Jack Taggart Sr., is a very resourceful man who is able to get himself and his family out of many dangerous situations.

What the phrase actually means

The phrase “Jeeper’s Crow” is a bit of a mystery. It could be a corruption of the phrase “Godspeed,” or it could be a reference to the sound of a jeep’s horn. Whatever the case, it’s definitely not something you want to hear while out on the trail!


We hope this article has helped to clear up the meaning of “Jeeper’s Crow.” While the phrase may have different interpretations, it is generally used as a way to describe the feeling of camaraderie and brotherhood that Jeepers share. Whether you are a new Jeeper or a long-time fan, we hope that you can use this phrase to better connect with other Jeepers and create lasting memories out on the trails.

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