What stores carry a seasoning called Papa Dash?

A very goodseasoning to use if you’re on a salt-free diet, we have used it before but now we can’t locate it.

i found this:

Thank you for contacting Alberto-Culver regarding your interest in our Papa Dash Lite Salt. Due to declining sales at the retail level, the Corporation made the decision to discontinue production in November of 2000. However, our department has been besieged with consumer requests for the product. Whether it is for health reasons or just the love of the product, we have listened to you. It was through requests such as yours- from our loyal consumer- that the company has decided to once again manufacture the product. Papa Dash will only be sold directly through us, and will not be available at the retail level. We are offering Papa Dash to be sold by the case only, not per bottle. There are twelve 2.5oz. bottles in the case. The price, which includes shipping, will be $24.00 per case. As we do not accept credit cards, please make your check or money order payable to Alberto-Culver. We have provided the address below.

Alberto-Culver Company
2525 Armitage Avenue
Melrose Park, IL 60160
Attn: Consumer Relations/Papa Dash

Upon receipt of the payment, we will place your order. The case should arrive in approximately 2-3 weeks via UPS. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 800-333-0005. Thank you again for your loyalty and support of our wonderful product.

Dash Salt Substitute

I’ve heard of Mrs.Dash and most stores carry it. Are you sure you have the name right? Mrs. Dash is a good sodium free seasoning

I’ve seen it at Shop N Save…maybe a WalMart Super Center….Mrs. Dash is good too.

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