What is workplace learning

To earn money and be successful, we need to perform something in the best possible way. The best here means the most accepted by people, so they’ll choose you repeatedly. If you sell something, your employees should deliver the goods right to their consumers, so they find each other directly. If you produce something, robust quality standards, and staff safety will ensure a strong competitive position in the market and customer satisfaction.

Training is the process of knowledge exchange that enhances the employees’ performance and increases their satisfaction, as they become more motivated to perform their job. Good training is interactive, motivational, and provides highly concentrated knowledge closely connected to your work processes, that can be instantly implemented in practice. Learning management systems (LMS) enable your managers to automatize all learning processes, store materials in a unified base, and motivate employees with interactive content and bonuses. CleverLMS, for example, has badges and a reward store, which enable managers to motivate the best-performing learners with corporate gifts.

All these elements compose a corporate education process, but before

The origin and importance of workplace-based learning

From the dawn of history, a tradition was to teach those passionately inclined to some work. In prehistoric times, skilled people taught the younger ones to grow food and craft instruments. Medieval guild masters chose the best among those willing to work and produce goods and make them apprentices, teaching them everything they knew. In the last 300-400 years, education has become widespread and compulsory, shaping our modern society. A substantial part of the reason why some countries are richer and some companies are more successful, contributes to their strong education facilities.

Our brains are the strongest and most precious tools that enable us to solve puzzles, generate ideas, and produce innovations, and are actually the source of our civilization. That’s why training them is certainly necessary, enabling us to become much better in all our activities, from goods creation to daily communication. In addition, well-composed training increases people’s motivation and, therefore, satisfaction, as they become more confident in what they do and more prepared for future challenges.

So, while a good talent is already well-prepared and often has robust experience, your staff training strategy contributes to your overall success greatly. To understand it more deeply, let’s explore the modern corporate education landscape.

Workplace learning and development: Current ideas

Nowadays workforce training contributes to the whole corporate area, called learning and development (L&D), and specialists here work to ensure that the staff knowledge remains sharp and actual. For that, they use various knowledge sources, strategies, tools, and metrics

🎓 Knowledge sources include the diverse video, graphic, and text content created by mentors and experts around the world. There can be your own materials created by yourself or your top talents, as well as textbooks and courses from various universities, shops, and websites.

🚀 Educational strategy is the planned learning path for learners. It’s preferable to create individual strategies for each employee, regarding their workload, skills, interests, and responsibilities. They enable you to motivate learners and ensure that they’ll complete your tasks and actually implement their new knowledge at work.

🛠️ Learning tools are platforms, already mentioned LMSs, that enable you to automatize and streamline everything at your workspace, connecting work and learning processes.

📈 Metrics are KPIs, or key performance indicators, such as the percentage of completed courses. They show how well each employee performs with each course, task, or project, enabling you to make decisions about where they need help and how to improve their productivity. Most LMSs provide consistent statistics about everything happening during the learning and work.

The modern world is complex, dynamic, competitive, full of opportunities and threats. Those who use the most efficient education approaches will eventually have the most skilled workforce, creative ideas, and smart innovations, and outcompete everyone. That’s why those four components are essential to implement in your business.

Let’s look closer.

Workplace compliance training

Each company has a set of rules and approaches necessary to complete tasks safely and efficiently. Imagine a mining company where miners aren’t trained to perform safety measures and aren’t obliged to follow them strictly. The chance of their deaths rises steadily, as there are many dangers while extracting anything beneath the Earth, from gold to oil. Corporate standards include ensuring workplace safety, high production/service standards, and efficient corporate communication.

There are many forms of workplace safety training, actually, so let’s list a few, just by name.

🔥 Fire safety;

☣️ Environmental safety;

🛺 Driving safety;

🛠️ Tool safe use;

⚕️ First aid;

💻 Online safety;

📋 Risk assessment.

Many companies have corporate standards, and if you don’t have them, think about creating or adopting them and training them in the workplace. According to studies, such as the one of K. Blind et al., having clear codified standards of a company’s work processes and goods/services produced greatly optimizes its performance. People can orient in standardized codes much easier, so your employees won’t get lost in the workflows. It will improve safety compliance and overall efficiency.

Lastly, you need a tool to automatize that all. CleverLMS, for example, enabled large companies, such as Kärcher and ECCO, to create a robust learning environment between all its facilities in different locations and countries.

Automatizing the process: A workplace learning system

So, you need a LMS. Where to start?

You can go to a website such as the eLearningIndustry Directory and search for various LMSs present here. Alternatively, most LMS companies are present on LinkedIn, so you can contact them directly and communicate. Here is a short checklist to consider.

📲 Personalization: How you can personalize the app’s appearance and usage?

🏆 Motivating: How does it motivate learners and which features contribute to it?

💬 Socializing: How learners can discuss, ask for advice, and leave feedback?

🔧 Maintenance: Whether 24/7 support is available and how easily the app can be installed?

🎮 Gamification: How interactive are its learning paths and which game-like elements do they contain?

📈 Reporting: How well does it generate reports and statistics and which metrics does it use?

🤖 Advanced features: Does it have features like generative AI or real-time smart tracking, and whether you need them?

💸 Pricing: How much does this app cost and whether you need all the features it proposes?

While the right LMS choice is an important milestone in your company’s development, it’s just an instrument. The content is what defines how well your staff will be upskilled. You need to adopt workplace training courses that fit your workflows and satisfy your employees, so they actually improve their skills and become better.

Making the best version of your business

Perfection is an ideal that cannot be achieved, but improvement is the process that isn’t only achievable, but also essential for the modern competitive landscape. When new information is generated every day in tremendous amounts and new inventions change many industries, you need to be able to cope with it. Understanding the key competencies of your company and improving them in your employees increases the company’s productivity. Lastly, diversity training in the workplace ensures that people with different backgrounds and cultures can safely and efficiently understand each other. Together, all these activities will make your company thrive, so don’t forget about them!

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