What is the volume of 50 mL of water?

I have 50 mL or 50 grams of water. What is the volume?

we know
1 L = 1 cubic meter
50 ml = .05L = .05 cubic meters of water.
Infact “50 ml” itself is an indicator of volume.

Ml To Volume

The alcohol has a density of 0.789g/mL while water is 1.0g/mL. The alcohol is volatile and during the make up of the mixture, a small amount of alcohol will have evaporated. Also, 1.0mL of alcohol has a mass of only 0.789g while water is 1.0g/mL which, although the volume is the same the mass difference may cause an apparent loss of volume.

The unit of measure for volume is liters, the SI system is used with liters, so one can write 50 ml as 0.050 L, in other words, 50 ml is your volume in ml. (If your interested, the 50 g can be used with the density of water ~1.00 g/ml to calculate that 50 g X 1 g/ml = 50 ml).

50 mL is the volume. In water volume in mL=weight in grams.

if you want the volume in cubic inches, 50 mL = 3.05118 cubic inch.

Answer 6

a student is taking a shortcut and drops an object in a graduated cylinder that contained water to find its weight. whats wrong?

Answer 7

i do not think you can do that because there is no Length Width or Height and you cant do water displacement so…


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