What is the response to capiche?

I think you are referring to the Italian word “capisce”, which means “understand.”
If it’s asked as a question, it means, “Do you understand?”

Many people who are speaking English don’t really mean only “do you understand?’, but something more like “do you understand AND agree with me?”

Response To Capiche

The response, so I’ve heard, sounds like capache….I just don’t know how to spell it….:0)…capiche?

capiche means “do you understand” so…. do you?

yes I will marry you, you made me the happiest man on earth

Answer 6

“Yes. Clear as mud.” (You still don’t get their point.)

Answer 7

Si, capisco. (Yes, I understand.)

or “no capisce” (if you have no idea what they are talking about)

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