What is the percentage by mass of fluorine in sulfur hexafluoride, a potent greenhouse gas?

Please choose a number. It would help me greatly.


SF6 = 146 g/mole; 6F = 114 g

6F/SF6 = 114/146 X 100 = 78.08%

From the formula SF6, you can determine the total mass of each element in the compound by using molar mass.

1mol S x (32.06 g S/1mol S)= 32.06 g S

6 mol F x (19.00 g F/ 1 mol F) = 114.00 g F

Next add 32.06 g S + 114.00 g F = 146.06 g SF6

To find the mass percentage of F, take the grams of F and divide by the grams of SF6 and then multiple by 100.

(114.00 g F/146.06 g SF6) x 100 = 78.05 %

The closest answer is 4. 78.0%

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