what is the meaning of ‘my phone died on me’?

i came across this phrase yesterday. what does it mean?

It is time for mourning the death of a much beloved phone funeral time.
Just kidding it usually means the battery went dead or it lost the signal. Sometimes people hang up and use that as an excuse when they don’t want to talk

My Phone Died

Died Definition

This phrase refers to mobile phones and cell phones, that depend on batteries and satellite signal strength to work properly.
If a phone’s batteries lose power, the phone “dies” (can’t send or receive a voice or message)—if the phone is in a location where satellite signals can’t be well-received, reception can and often does fade out in mid-call.
The word “dies” almost always refers to loss of signal, rarely breakage of the device.

It usually means that the person’s cell phone is out of battery so therefore it “died” by shutting itself off.

Answer 6

It means that this person needs a little time to themself.
…but they need to know there is a ‘network’ of friends to support them in this time of loss.
Their phone died…and it was like a part of them. Now they are alone,
and life is real tough when you’re all alone.
Say a prayer. ALWAYS ensure adequate battery power – or else your phone might die. Before leaving home, remember:
keys, gum, ċöndöms, wallet, travelcard, phone…charger.

Answer 7

The phone’s battery ran out is what that usually means

it means your phone ran out of battery, or “died” as most people say…another way it’s said is if the the battery on your phone is running low, while you talking, you’ll say “my phones dying”

The battery power ran out so it stopped working


your phone lost charge or broke

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