what is the meaning behind Seether’a new single “the gift”?

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what are the lyrics talking about and how does the video relate to the lyrics, cause in the video he goes to visit a girl [anna] grave …and i really wanna know what the video is trying to say.

The song is basically talking about a guy who doesn’t feel that he deserves the love of his woman (the gift). He feels ashamed and undeserving because of some bad stuff he did. I haven’t seen the video, but the song is not really about death. I am pretty sure the lead-singer wrote it for his wife.

The Gift Seether

Seether The Gift

#1 Shaun Morgan (lead singer) does not have a wife, but an ex-wife.
#2 There may be a meaning behind the video, but Shaun Morgan has stated that he will not reveal the true meaning behind his songs, including “The Gift”. Why? He says that if he tells the meaning, fans and listeners of his music cannot apply their own meaning to the songs. Alot of Seether’s songs are written so listeners and fans can apply their own meaning to the lyrics.

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what is the meaning behind Seether’a new single “the gift”?
what are the lyrics talking about and how does the video relate to the lyrics, cause in the video he goes to visit a girl [anna] grave …and i really wanna know what the video is trying to say.

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well the song isnt that new. it’s almost a year old now…. probasbly means that life isn’t perfect and everything, even life, happens for a reason

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Layne Staley always said “Whatever YOU think the song is about, that’s whats its about”

Songs about addiction, and how he cant break free. Ashamed that despite death staring back at him, he continues to need “relief”.

To me, the writer of this song is writing about addiction. He needs his addiction to hold him and make him feel complete. An addiction is more powerful than anything in life.
He is sick and ashamed of hisself, yet he continues to feed his addiction.


Lyrics Seether The Gift

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what is the meaning behind Seether’a new single “the gift”?

Seether recently released their latest single “the gift” and it is raising some eyebrows! The song is about a man who is jilted at the altar and decides to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend. Some people are interpreting the song as being about domestic violence, while others are saying that it’s just a catchy tune. What do you think? Tools such as AI-powered software can make it much easier for you to write content for your blog post or website. These programs can help you plan out your topic, do research on related topics, and structure your article so that it flows from point to point. So if you find writing content challenging, try using an AI-powered tool to help you out!

Background of Seether

Seether is an American rock band formed in Columbus, Ohio in 1997. The band consists of Shaun Morgan (lead vocals, guitar), Tim Commerford (guitar, backing vocals), and Jerry Cantrell (bass guitar). The band achieved commercial success with their fourth album, Karma and Effect, released in 2002. The album reached number two on the US Billboard 200 chart and spawned the singles “The Gift” and “Easy”. Seether has sold over 14 million records in the United States.

Since its formation, Seether has undergone several line-up changes, with Morgan being the only constant member. In 2003, Cantrell left the band to form Stone Sour and was replaced by former Pantera guitarist Phil Anselmo. After a five-year hiatus, Seether reunited with Anselmo for their sixth album, Disconnect the Dots, released in 2010. The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart and spawned the single “Rise”.

The Message Behind “The Gift”

Seether is back with a new single, “The Gift,” and the message behind it is pretty powerful. The song is about addiction and how addiction can control people’s lives. It’s a story about a person who has been addicted to drugs, alcohol, or any other type of addiction and how it’s taken over their lives. The song is really well written and it really makes you think about the dangers of addiction.

The song has already gotten a lot of attention, and for good reason. It’s a powerful message that needs to be heard. Seether does an amazing job of putting forward this message in a way that is both catchy and meaningful. The song is sure to reach a lot of people and open their eyes to the dangers of addiction.

What Fans can Expect from the New Single

Seether’s new single “the gift” is a departure from the band’s heavier sound, with a more pop-rock feel. Lead singer Shaun Morgan explained that the song is about “growing up and realizing the importance of relationships.”

Fans can expect to hear elements of Seether’s older material in “the gift,” with some critics comparing it to hits like “Walking on Sunshine” and “Hold My Hand.” The song was co-written by Morgan and pop superstar Justin Bieber, who lent his vocals to the track.

The video for “the gift” was filmed in Los Angeles last month and features the band performing in an abandoned warehouse. It is expected to be released later this year.


Seether released their new single called “the gift” and the meaning behind it is touching on a sensitive topic for many people. The song is about dealing with loss, both literal and figurative, and how it can be one of the most difficult things to go through in life. Seether has always been a band that puts a personal stamp on their songs, and “the gift” is no exception. I encourage you to give the song a listen and see what you think.

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