What is the best way to divide the alphabet into 10 dividers.?

I need to sepearte up reports but think the best way to do it

what is the best way to divide the alphabet into 8 dividers

Alphabetical Dividers

Probably the easiest way is to begin by dividing the alphabet by 3-letter sections as nearly as you can
(A-C, D-F, G-I, J-L, M-O, P-R, S-U, V-X, Y-Z) and use the tenth file either for items beginning with numerals (marked #), or with symbols.
Since many letters near the alphabet’s end are less common, you may wish to change the final part to something like S-T, U-W, X-Z.
Any other adaptations of this will depend on the sort of things you are filing. If you find that a great many begin with a particular letter, you might wish to give that letter its own file or at least slide one letter from its group into an adjacent folder, and redivide the following letters — again, mostly be threes, though if one of the letters is uncommon you might add an extra in. (In this case, after “S”, try “T-V” “W-Z”.)

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