What happened with that “Burgers and Fries” cat on Youtube?

There’s a video of this cat (here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0tiT7KlACM). I mean, obviously he’s scared and upset. Does anyone know what happened to him after this video or what even happened to him to make him that angry in the first place?

Hi there…clearly he was quite distressed and it’s possible he was not able to cope with the kennel environment or tormented by whoever had him as a pet before leaving him at the kennel/shelter or … may have been a feral cat. It’s quite sad to see a cat this stressed and he obviously was not a happy boy. I certainly hope he was adopted and in a loving home now.

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I have known this joke for about 2 years. Try telling it in person. Its not that funny. Its way fun telling it though.

when i saw the video, I thought maybe that cat was treated badly by his previous owner, so during the video, he was probably really terrified and trying to say something like “STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!”

the cat, as i have read, was sleeping on the garage door as the family left. they forgot to check the door before shutting it remotely and he ended up pinned with his body on the outside of the garage and his head inside. the neighbors saw him and rescued him before taking him to the vet. he checked out to be fine, just very ******* angry lol

y’know most of the cat videos of cats are funny and cute, i did not think that was funny, that poor cat was quite distressed probably because he didn’t like the lights and camera and any of what was going on…i certainly hope he has a happy life and loving family by now…

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I don’t know…but let’s put who ever made that video in a cage and shove a camera in their face and see how they feel about that.

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I don t know but that video makes my dog bark like a maniac

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i”m reporting you for being funny!!

He had a garage door shut on him.
-all of you are wrong-


i thought it was funny to but at the same time its sad what happened. what happened was he was sleeping in the crevice between the garage door and the roof of his families garage when the family left and closed the door pinning him in the door at least thats what i read about him as for his where abouts now i dont know but would love to find out .


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