what does viva la revolution really mean?

what does this mean exactly?

The correckt spelling of it is “Vive la Revolution” not viva. It does not mean “goodbye revolution”! Vive mean “to live” and Vive la Revolution literally mean, “live the revolution” but translated to English, the intended meaning is “Long Live the Revolution.”

PS: Here is the origin of the phrase if you wish to know – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastille_Day

Source(s): I am Swiss; not a native speaker of French but we has a lot of the Francophones here and you pick it up.

Viva La Revolution

Viva La Revolucion

In spanish vive is vivir which means live la the the and revolution so, vive (not viva) la revolution means long live the revolution

‘Vive’ is the third person present tense for ‘vivir’, so it means ‘he/she/it lives’. ‘Viva’ is a command form for ‘vivir’ so it means ‘Live (as a command)’ or, as Laredo says, ‘may it live’ or, in proper English, Long Live the Revolution! It is really a shortened form for (‘Que) viva la revolution’

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Viva la means Long Live, so viva la revolution means long live the revolution, in other words they support the revolution and hope it wins for them.

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Eva, the various Mexican revolutions used Mexican Spanish instead of French, so “Viva (it lives) la revolution” means “The revolution lives!” It is often mistranslated as “long live the revolution,” too.

The correckt spelling ………..LOL!

good bye revolution


Bring on the revolution….. please

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