What does USPS ‘PO to Addressee’ mean?

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I’m expecting an Express Mail (overnight shipping) package that’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. I just check usps.com and it shows ‘PO to Addressee’. What does that mean? Thanks!

It is the Priority Mail Express that the sender sent from a Post Office and will be delivered to the Addressee.

You are the Addressee.

More likely that it is an insured item, and that insured amount is Payable (Paid Out) to the Addressee. Otherwise businesses could ship items all the time and say that their customer’s called with “I never got the item” and the business would get the money back.

If this was international mail, the PO is the Post Office location of the addressee. Your local Post Office address.

Is this a new name for “Waiver of Signature” ?
I think so because STC 986 has been renamed from “Waiver of Signature” to “PO to Addressee”

It’s the name of the form.

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What does USPS ‘PO to Addressee’ mean?

If you get mail through the United States Postal Service, you’ve probably encountered the PO to Addressee field several times. This field is used to indicate who is receiving the mail and where it should be delivered. In this article, we’re going to explore what PO to Addressee means and how it can be helpful in organizing your mailbox.

What is USPS ‘PO to Addressee’?

USPS ‘PO to Addressee’ is a label that is placed on mail addressed to multiple people. It shows which individual should receive the mail first.

What does PO stand for?

Post Office: PO stands for “Post Office.” This is the name of the postal service that delivers mail.

What does Addressee mean?

The U.S. Postal Service uses the term “PO to Addressee” on mail delivery documents to indicate that the mail has been delivered to the correct person.


If you’re wondering what USPS ‘PO to Addressee’ means, it’s basically an abbreviated way of addressing a package to the correct person. It’s typically used when the recipient is known by their last name and the package must be delivered to that person’s address.

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