what does unmitigated temerity mean?

its on a test im taking tomorrow and i don’t know what it means.

Well, unmitigated means undiluted, pure, strong, absolute, and temerity means excessively bold, rash, reckless, foolhardy.

So it means absolute and total rashness, recklessness, or boldness.

Source(s): OED

Temerity Definition

True to the above posters, but I would like to add that the phrase “unmitigated temerity” also has a strong underlying meaning of outrage on the part of the speaker. “Unmitigated gall”, is another, equally outraged expession. Example:

“The student complained that his failing grade was the instructor’s fault, as the instructor had not sufficiently insisted that the student study the material before the test. Can you believe the unmitigated temerity?”

In other words: The NERVE of that kid! Land’s sakes!

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unmitigated temerity Verb : from the Latin “google it” 1) meaning to type it in google 2) The act of doing your own research Used in a sentence- “unmitigated temerity is a word that I should look up on google instead of asking someone on yahoo answers” See also* Your google button works, do it yourself

I thought I recognized that phrase, and yep, it’s because it’s from To Kill a Mockingbird. Unmitigated means absolute, consummate, or downright, and temerity means nerve, boldness, gall, effrontery, etc. In other words, the person had the absolute gall to feel sorry for a white woman.

Atticus uses fancy words.

Answer 6

unmitigated means absolute; not softened or lessened

temerity means unreasonably adventurous; despising danger; rash; headstrong; audacious; reckless; heedless

unmitigated temerity means
-taking risks without giving any thought to the consequences;
-thoughtlessly rushing into a situation.

Answer 7

From: To Kill a Mockingbird
By: Raymond Weschler

“And so a humble quiet ***** who has had the
unmitigated temerity to feel sorry for a white woman….”

“Unmitigated temerity” is one way to say the “pure
nerve” or “audacity,” and is said here with sarcastic anger.

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what does unmitigated temerity mean?
its on a test im taking tomorrow and i don’t know what it means.

thanks !

completely fearless

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