what does the saying; you say jump, i say how high mean?

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It basically means “I’ll to whatever you say, however you want me to do it.”
Some people say “If I say ‘jump’, you say ‘how high?’!”
Meaning: you need to do whatever I say.

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It’s a phrase that someone might use to show their loyalty to a person. A subordinate may say to a superior, you say jump, I say how high? To show that they will not refuse any task given, and will perform the task without question or thought.
I also say it to my husband when he ᴘιsses me off with his “you never do anything” routine.

It means that you would do anything for the person you are saying this to. It is also used by a subordinate to a boss or officer. You will follow them wherever and do what they want you to do.
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what does the saying; you say jump, i say how high mean?

The saying “you say jump, I say how high” is often used in arguments. The speaker will say something like “you want to jump off this cliff, I want to know how high you think it is”. This rhetorical question can be used in many different ways and can show a lot about the speaker. For example, the speaker may be confident that the other person will agree to do something they would not have agreed to if they had been asked how high they thought the cliff was.

What does the saying; you say jump, i say how high mean?

The saying “you say jump, I say how high” is a proverb that means you don’t know what you’re talking about. This is because the speaker assumes that the other person knows more than them.

Origins of the Saying

The saying “you say jump, I say how high” is a proverb that originated in the early 1800s. The phrase likely originated as a children’s game, in which one person would say a command and the other would have to answer with a guess as to how high the command was. Over time, the saying evolved into its current form, where both parties involved in the conversation are generally guessing at each other’s intentions.

What Does it Mean Today?

The saying “you say jump, I say how high” has been around for centuries and has some different interpretations today.

Today, the saying means that one person’s opinion is not as important as the other person’s opinion.


The saying “you say jump, I say how high” is a metaphor used to describe the different levels of commitment someone has regarding an action. For example, if you ask someone if they want to jump off a bridge, and they respond with “you sayjump, I say how high?” this person means that they are not really sure whether or not they want to commit to jumping into the water. However, if you ask them the same question and they respond with “I’ll Jump Right In!” then this person means that they are very committed to jumping into the water.

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