What does “Remark” mean in my Flight Search Results?

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Just means extra comments, if there is anything extra you want to say or ask for. Like a wheelchair or something put it there.

Define Remark

on the ticket it meas a disable passenger need such as oxgen use on the AC
if it for the pilot this would be a massage that is related to the safety of the aircraft such as apu not working or weather that is what remarks mean for the pilot

It’s for extra information, be it necessary information or humorous asides. I know many pilots write remarks such as “I like donuts.”

as others have said, extra info. it is, however, primarily used to indicate the status of the flight(delayed, on time, early, cancelled).

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What does “Remark” mean in my Flight Search Results?

When you search for flights on many travel websites, you may see the word “Remark” in the flight search results. So, what does this term mean? In short, a Remark is an annotation or note added by the airline to specific flights in order to provide more information to travelers.

What is the Remark Field in a Flight Search?

When you’re looking for flights, you may come across a field called “Remark.” What does this mean?

The Remark field is simply a note added by the airline about a particular flight. It could be something as simple as a reminder that the flight is non-stop, or it could be more specific information about the aircraft or amenities on board.

If you see a Remark field on a flight search results page, it’s worth taking a quick look to see if there’s any important information about the flight. However, don’t worry if you don’t see anything listed – it’s not always used, and it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong with the flight!

How to interpret the different types of remarks

When you’re looking at your search results, you may notice different types of remarks next to some of the flights. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand what each type of remark means:

– Codeshare: This flight is operated by another airline, but it’s marketed by the airline you searched for.
– On time: This flight is scheduled to depart on time.
– Delay: This flight is delayed. The new departure time will be shown in the remark.
– Cancelled: This flight has been cancelled.
– Diverted: This flight has been diverted to another airport.

Tips for using the remark field to find the best flights

The “Remark” field in your flight search results can be a useful tool for finding the best flights. Here are some tips for using it:

-Search for flights with specific remarks. For example, you can search for flights with the remark “non-stop” to find direct flights.

-You can also use the Remark field to find flights with specific amenities. For example, searching for flights with the remark “in-flight entertainment” will bring up results for flights that offer in-flight entertainment.

-Keep in mind that not all airlines use the same terminology in their remarks. So, if you’re not finding what you’re looking for, try searching for different terms or keywords.


So, what does “Remark” mean in your Flight Search Results? It simply indicates that the flight you are looking at has a stopover of more than 24 hours. This usually happens when you are searching for flights to multiple destinations or when you have a specific airline preference. If you see the “Remark” option available, it means that there is an opportunity to save some money on your flight by choosing a different routing.

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