What does recogged mean on inmate bail status?

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well says the charges were recogged but person is still in jail please help?

As you probably know “recogged” generally means the person was released on his/her own recognizance.

If the person is still in custody you might consider calling the jail to ask. It’s possible somebody entered the wrong thing into the system. It is also possible that the inmate is required to physically appear in front of a judge and will then be recogged.


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“Recog” is a kind of bond. The suspect did not have to pay any money, but was released on his promise to appear later “On his Own Recognizance.”

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What does recogged mean on inmate bail status?

If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges, it’s important to get the best possible legal representation. Though bail is an important part of the judicial system, there are a number of factors you need to consider before deciding whether or not to offer bail. In this article, we’ll explore what recogged means and provide a brief explanation of how it affects inmate bail status.

What is recogged?

There is no one definitive answer to the question of what recogged means on inmate bail status. The term may be used to refer to several different things, all of which could impact an inmate’s legal situation and freedom.

Generally speaking, recogging refers to the process of restoring a record or file to its original state. In the context of inmate bail status, it may refer to the restoration of an inmate’s criminal record and/or release from jail or prison.

Recogged can also refer to the re-activation of a suspended license or other government document. Consequently, it can be difficult to determine exactly what recogging means for an inmate on bail status without more information about his specific case.

When does recogged apply?

Recogged, also known as recidivism reduction, is a term used in the criminal justice system to describe a convict’s attempt to reduce their chances of reoffending after release. For inmates who are released on bail, recogged typically refers to the practice of electronically monitoring them in order to ensure they do not commit any crimes.

What are the consequences of not having recogged status?

If an inmate is not recogged, they can be held in jail until they are recogged or released. Recogging means that the inmate has complied with all the requirements of their sentence, including any required community service and restitution. If an inmate is released before they are recogged, they may be subject to arrest and re-arrest.

How to get recogged status

If you have been arrested and are awaiting arraignment, the court may order that you be recogized. This means that the court will set bail for you and allow you to leave jail while your case is pending. If you are able to post a bond and remain out of trouble, your status will be recogged.


If you are wondering what recogged means on inmate bail status, chances are that you have beenCROOKED by a criminal! In order to help clear up any confusion, here is an explanation of the term recogged and its relation to your personal legal situation. When you are arrested, police may take a mugshot and fingerprint before releasing you. If they decide to keep you in custody (based on certain factors like a pending felony charges), they will post your bail amount on the internet so that potential creditors/family can start making arrangements to get money out of you.

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