what does ”pm showers” mean?

like does it mean light or heavy rain? cause i wanna be out either tom. or sunday and they are both listed as showers

Weather forecasts are usually issued separately for daytime and nighttime hours. If “pm showers” is the daytime forecast, it means that between noon and sunset there will be periods of rain with dry breaks in between. The rain could be light or heavy.

If the forecast is for just “showers,” then there is at least an 80% chance that any given location will see measurable rain. “Likely” showers usually means a 60-70% chance of rain, “scattered” means a 30-50% chance, and “isolated” a 10-20% chance.

Pm Showers

P.M. Showers means that it is going to lightly rain in the PM (Noon or Evening [6:00])

Source(s): Friend That Is A Weatherman.

Showers are normally decribed as a light rain.

So, P.M. showers should mean light rain after 4:00 o’clock in the evening.

pm actually means any time after noon – not necessarily after 400pm or early to late evening. showers indicates periods of rain that can be light or heavy, but not a steady uninterrupted rain

Answer 6

P.M. showers means it will rain in the evening or at night

Answer 7

it means rain in the early to late evening

Answer Prime

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